This is a normal reaction that occurs after rhinoplasty. It happens when the nasal bones are altered, which typically causes some bleeding under your facial skin. Bruising in the under eye area usually appears about 24 hours after the surgery and is at its worst within the first 48 hours.

A week after your rhinoplasty surgery, which is usually when your cast comes off, the bruising will likely have lightened to a yellow or brown color. This stage of healing is easy to cover with makeup. In most cases, the under eye circles are completely gone 10 days after your procedure. 

Guidelines for healing

There are some things you can do to help minimize the appearance of the dark circles and to speed up your overall healing. Applying a cold compress, such as a bag of frozen fruit, to the area is often helpful.

It’s also advisable to sleep on your back and use pillows to keep your head slightly elevated to avoid causing harm to your nose area while it’s healing after surgery.  

Your facial surgeon will provide you with detailed care instructions following your procedure. It’s important that you follow those guidelines fully in order to ensure a successful outcome. 

Long-lasting bruises

There are some cases where the bruising after a rhinoplasty does not resolve fully on its own. Discoloration remains in the area even months after the surgery. 

People of certain backgrounds (most commonly, Mediterranean backgrounds) have a genetic predisposition for bruising that doesn’t go away. In these cases, the bruises aren’t broken down and absorbed back into the body. Rather, iron deposits are left in the area that permanently change the color of the skin to brown. 

This doesn’t mean that you have to live with permanent discoloration on your face. Treatments are available that correct this condition and they are similar to the treatment for sun spots. They usually involve several weeks of topical hydroquinone application and a chemical peel. Afterward, the facial skin looks healthy and refreshed. 

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