There are a lot of positive expectations patients have when undergoing rhinoplasty. This lifechanging surgery makes one wonder what took them so long to move forward, especially when they begin to see the impact on their daily interactions with their brand-new nose.  In fact, nasal surgery is consistently ranked as one of the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures.

Millions of men and women have undertaken the procedure in order to change the shape or size of their noses permanently. While some want to make huge, drastic changes, others only want to fine-tune their noses for minuscule changes. When it comes to the long-term positive effects of rhinoplasty, everyone is wondering what to expect. Your outcome depends on your facial anatomy and obtaining a harmonious balance between your nose and the rest of your facial features.

Let’s take a look.

Easier Breathing

Before undergoing the rhinoplasty procedure, make sure your surgeon assesses your breathing.  This is an opportune time to improve nasal function so you can breathe easier.  What’s the point in having a beautiful nose when you can’t breathe? Whether you’re looking for big changes or a small cosmetic fix, look forward to it being easier to breathe after your rhinoplasty procedure.

Better Sleep Quality

Better quality sleep is a direct result of the aforementioned benefit. If you can breathe better, you will likely find that you can sleep far better too. When you have open and clear airways, your breathing patterns will be better. Often, this can eliminate nose bleeds, migraines, headaches, nightly snores, sinus congestion, and other symptoms.

Many patients don’t expect this, but it is a bonus positive effect.

Confidence Boost

Many patients who undergo a rhinoplasty procedure claim to have once been camera shy because of the appearance of their nose. Obviously, if you don’t like the way you look, you will be less likely to be first in line for a photo. After a successful rhinoplasty procedure, everything begins to change for patients.

They soon find themselves taking selfies and able to smile in photos while being comfortable behind the camera. This procedure really works to create truly happy patients. This is a proven fact.

Many patients become more confident in their social, professional, and personal lives. Their mental and emotional health can also benefit from this.

As you can see from the positive effects listed above, a rhinoplasty procedure can truly make all the difference in your breathing, sleeping, and confidence. It can also benefit you in many other ways. If you are ready to begin the process and uncover the many benefits yourself, you should get in touch with Julie Edween, D.O. today.

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