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Breast Enhancement

There are many personal reasons that women explore breast enhancement, a desire for larger breasts, to restore pre-pregnancy volume, or to just return to a more youthful appearance. A woman’s satisfaction with the shape and size of her breast can help define her self image. No two breasts are alike, enhancing ones individuality is often a step towards obtaining a more positive body image. A breast augmentation expert in Beverly Hills, Dr Edween is dedicated to helping each woman find confidence in their bodies, so they feel more comfortable in the way they look, but more importantly the way they feel.

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The Candidate

The ideal candidate for breast augmentation is a woman who has specific concerns regarding the size and shape of her breast, and realistic expectations regarding her expected outcome. It is important to be self-motivated, non-impulsive or pressured by her partner, and mostly well informed about the changes she is making on her breast size.

The Procedures

When choosing an implant size, many factors such as body type and breast shape come into play. Proportional body measurements are necessary to arrive at the desired size that achieves a total body balance. Breast augmentation is about enhancing ones individual aesthetics, beauty of the breast, and the body as a whole. During your consultation Dr Edween will listen to your goals and help guide your decision on what is the best to achieve your desired outcome. There are a few considerations:

Type of incision

  • Periareolar: A semicircular placed around the nipple area
  • Inframammary: Tucked under the breast within the breast fold
  • Transumbilical: Tucked within the belly button/navel
  • Axillary: Along the crease within the armpit

Type of Implants

There are basically two types of breast implants to consider:

  • Saline: Commonly used for primary augmentation. Saline is a natural occurring substance in body, enables total customization for asymmetric breasts
  • Silicone gel: Designed to feel softer to the touch


There are two types of placement of implants:

  • Subglandular: The implant is placed above the pectoralalis muscle, advantages being a faster recovery.
  • Submuscular, where the implant is placed below both the pectoral muscle andoverlying breast tissue. The results provide a more natural appearance, it is less prone to scar tissue and provide a better view on mammography.

Deciding which incision and which implant placement method is best done after a consultation and physical examination, since your breast shape and desired results will dictate the implant profile options appropriate for you. Dr. Edween only uses top quality breast implants from Natrelle and Mentor, companies that have strict standards with warranties on their products.

Dr. Edween’s preferred method for insertion of saline implants is through the belly button breast surgery, and she is highly skilled at the “hidden scar” transumbilical or TUBA method. Her mastery of the technique has drawn patients to Beverly Hills from all over the world. “The scar is the most inconspicuous, the results are very natural and my patient’s recover in a faster amount of time” she states.

“Even though I wanted to get my breasts done, I didn’t want anyone else to know. Dr. Edween helped me find that size that fits me perfectly. I finally feel good wearing a bikini.”

What to expect

  • Surgery is performed as an outpatient, and does not require an overnight stay
  • An anesthesiologist will provide either a general or IV sedation anesthetic
  • You will wear a support bra at all times, including sleeping for about a month
  • Breast shape will start to settle within six weeks, but it may take six months to a year for the final results and scars to fully refine
  • Recovery time is about a week, give or take a few days depending on the extent and type of procedure and physical activity required at your job.
  • Avoid pushing, pulling, lifting, twisting or strenuous exercise until Dr. Edween has evaluated your recovery process.

Please feel free to contact the office of Dr. Julie Edween if you are interested in a Breast Augmentation/Augmentation Mammoplasty consultation. Dr. Edween is dedicated to serve patients in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and greater Los Angeles, California. You can get started by calling us at (310) 859 8885 today.

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