Breast Lift in Beverly Hills


There are many reasons why breasts start sagging, fluctuations with weight, pregnancy, or your inherited family predisposition. After time, your breasts begin to lose it shape, volume may be lost and the breast skin starts stretching. The breast lift (or mastopexy) procedure elevates the breast into the desired position. Occasionally, if the droop of the breast is deflated from a loss of volume, a “lift” can be achieved by replacing volume loss with a breast implant. However, if elevating and repositioning of your breast is necessary, then a breast lift surgical procedure can help restore the position of your breasts.

Breast Lift

Types of Breast Lifts/Mastopexy

  • Circumareolar /Benelli/ Doughnut Mastopexy: incision around areola only
  • Lollipop: limited incision around areola with vertical line
  • Inverted T: incision around areola, with vertical and horizontal lines
  • Augmentation Mastopexy: breast lift and breast augmentation with breast implants

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