Buttock Lift in Beverly Hills

Restore Your Curves

The Brazilian Butt Lift, involves the placement of fat grafts to the buttock area, harvesting fat from one area of the body and transferring it to fill out and shape a flat saggy buttock. It is an ideal solution for that post-baby body where one that has gained a bit of weight in the abdomen and thighs and the buttock has flattened and lost shape. This procedure contours the overall body, resulting is a natural appearing uplifted buttock with a flat abdomen and curves in all the right places.

“The pounds that I put on after my baby was put to good use! My surgery came out incredible. It looks very natural not over done and my waist is incredibly small which I love. Pure perfection –I have an hour glass body just as I dreamed about.”

The procedure has double benefits, excess fat is liposuctioned, (usually abdomen) sculpting the desired area, followed by transferring into the buttock, accentuating it and creating natural balance to the body. Placing the fat in the correct places not only gives you a fuller rounder tighter appearing buttock, it also makes your waist appear smaller states Dr. Edween.

Who is a candidate?

  • Fat transfer into the buttock is good for anyone who has enough excess fat to harvest to transfer into the buttock
  • Those who have a sagging buttock and want a more uplifted and full appearance
  • Women who have gained weight and excess skin from pregnancy who want reshaping of their body
  • Poor candidates are that are very thin without a lot of fat.

You need at least about 250cc of fat per buttock cheek to create a fuller and lifted appearance.If you do not have enough fat, it is best to consider alternative options such as buttock implants.

The Procedure

After choosing the desired area to be contoured, the fat is harvested under gentle low pressure suction to protect the cells. The fat cells are then processed for injection. Next, through tiny incisions these grafts are methodically injected into the buttock, while creating fullness and shape. A successful transfer is one where the fat cells develop a good supply and “take” after being injected. The changes in one’s body is quite dramatic, the waistline and body is sculpted and the buttock is lifted. Achieving proportional body balance “takes artistry and skill, much like a sculptor with clay” states Dr. Edween.

What to expect

  • Surgery is performed as an outpatient, and does not require a overnight stay
  • Anesthesia is a general anesthetic
  • A body compression garment will be worn to help maintain the newly conformed shape and to swelling to a minimum
  • Recovery time in general is about 10 days, after which you will be able to resume your day to day activities.
  • To keep the pressure off the new fat grafts, a donut pillow or lumbar pillow is suggested to provide support while sitting. You will be instructed to sit with your body leaned forward to prevent undue pressure on the surgical site.
  • Compression stockings worn around your legs, and you encouraged to walk around so as to decrease incidence clot formation
  • You may return to your exercise routine after evaluated by Dr. Edween, which is in general about 6-8 weeks
  • The survival rate of fat transfer is affected by many variables. Patients are asked to not sit on the area during the healing process, eat healthy nutritious meals, and not smoke. Not all the fat transferred will survive, but the fat grafts that do develop a good blood supply will survive and the results will be permanent.

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