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Not all patients who have breast surgery will be happy with their outcome. Unsatisfactory outcomes or "failed" breast augmentation, mastopexy or breast lift surgery may necessitate secondary or revision surgery.

Breast asymmetry:

Breast Asymmetry
Often times women desire the "perfect breasts", that are perfectly symmetrical. In fact, it is extremely common to find a discrepancy between the size and shape of the breasts. A simple way to describe this is look at them as "sisters" and not "twins". Whether mild or severe, these differences can be corrected through surgical techniques to improve the symmetry between the two.

Unilateral Circumareolar/Benelli uplift with implants
Unilateral Circumareolar

Capsular contracture

Capsular contracture
Capsular contracture: One common complication that sometimes occurs after breast implant surgery which is when the scar tissue lining that forms around the implant begins to contract or shrink causing the breast to feel too firm and even to become distorted, painful and tender. Capsular contracture is a problem that can be repaired but usually requires reoperation. In most cases, the tightened scar tissue capsule is "released" or removed altogether, and a new breast implant is inserted.

Implant malposition

Implants, Beverly Hills
Implant malposition. A complication that can occur after surgery in which the implants are improperly positioned. It can appear too high (often seen in capsular contracture), too low (bottoming out), too lateral or medial. Correction of the deformity involves releasing or closing the areas and placing the implant into the correct position.

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