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Age Beautifully and Gracefully

Dr. Edween specializes in a wide range of facial plastic surgery procedures with the goal of providing rewarding, long-lasting results for patients. Serving Beverly Hills and the surrounding Los Angeles area, Dr. Edween has the solution regardless of your goals. Whether you want to reduce the signs of facial aging or improve the aesthetics of your facial features, contact our team today.

Your candidacy for facial surgery procedures is also matched to your unique goals. For the best way to determine which individual programs and procedures work best for you, it is important to connect with our team.

Facial Surgery
Facial Surgery

Our facial surgery procedures include the following:


Our approach to facelift is based on natural rejuvenation, which means combining both surgical expertise and artistic sense to help patients improve their appearance while still looking natural. Dr. Edween holds immense expertise in facial plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery, having helped a number of patients in Beverly Hills and beyond realize their cosmetic goals.

Chin and Cheek Implants

Chin and cheek implants are among the faster growing procedures and is popular among patients seeking a more desirable jawline. Dr. Edween can improve your facial balance and make your chin appear more prominent, defined, and attractive. With the optimum balance and facial symmetry, chin augmentation can help deliver a profile that meets your aesthetic objectives.

By using non-invasive laser and energy devices, Dr. Edween’s minimally invasive approach can help you age beautifully and recapture a youthful appearance.

A highly regarded facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Edween implements each procedure under a customized plan that directly addresses your needs. In addition, we provide a range of non-surgical skin rejuvenation solutions such as Morpheus8, fillers, chemical peels, and more. To schedule a consultation, contact our team at (310) 859-8885 today.

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