Ear Surgery in Beverly Hills

What is otoplasty?

Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, can improve the shape, position or proportions of the ear.  Ears comes in many different shapes and sizes, and ear surgery can help correct a variety of ear concerns and restore the balance and proportions of the ear and face.

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Who is a candidate?

Dr. Edween has extensive experience with ear reshaping surgery and performs otoplasty in both children and adults. The Otoplasty procedure repositions prominent ears and sets them back closer to the head, reducing the appearance of large ears.   In children, the ear achieves approximately 90% of its total growth by age 5, coinciding with just about the time when children start being teased about their large “dumbo” ears.  Other common candidates include women who refuse to wear their hair up, and grow their hair out to cover up their “elf-like” large ears.  Otoplasty is an excellent procedure to contours natural curves of the ear and repositions it to balance with the rest of your facial features.

Other types of ear surgery:

  • Ears that are too prominent “dumbo ears”
  • Ear with the top folded over “lop ear” deformity
  • Ears without natural folds ”cup ear” deformity
  • Elongated ear lobes
  • Ear lobe repair after ear piercing
  • Torn ear lobes after earring has pulled through
  • Ear lobe reconstruction after large earring spacers have been removed

There is a vast variety of different ear shapes, Dr. Edween will evaluate and custom design an ear surgery technique that will give you the most precise correction and natural appearance to your ear.v

Types of Otoplasty

Traditional Otoplasty:  Care is taken to hide the incision within a natural fold in the back of the ear, and maintain room to comfortably rest the temple arm of glasses.  After the cartilage is exposed the cartilage is sculpted and internal sutures are used to shape and secure the natural folds of the ear.

Incisionless otoplasty: Depending on your anatomy you may be a candidate for a minimally invasive surgical technique to correct the folds of the ear.  Small internal sutures are placed through needle like incisions through the back of the ear to set back and contour the cartilage of the ear.

What to Expect

  • Surgery is performed as an outpatient, and does not require an overnight stay
  • An anesthesiologist will provide either a general or IV sedation anesthetic
  • Sterile dressings will be wrapped around to your head to protect the ear
  • After dressings are removed the ears will be protected by wearing a soft headband for about a week.
  • Patients are able to wash their hair by the third day after surgery.
  • Recovery in general is about 5-7 days

Please feel free to contact the office of Dr. Julie Edween if you are interested in an Otoplasty/Ear Surgery consultation.   Dr. Edween is dedicated to serve patients in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and greater Los Angeles, California.  You can get started by calling us at (310) 859 8885 today.

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