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Have you been exercising and dieting and can't get rid of the extra skin hanging from your abdomen? Has your midsection changed after pregnancy? An abdominoplasty or Tummy tuck procedure may be your answer to improve the appearance of excess abdominal fat, skin and give a more flatter, and contoured waistline.
An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck addresses the loose skin on the abdomen and the muscle separation of the abdominal wall. Weight gain, pregnancy and age can cause the deep abdominal muscles to stretch out and separate, creating a bulge or round shaped abdomen. Once the separation occurs, no matter how much you exercise, your muscles will not go back to their original position without tightening them through surgery.


Traditional tummy tuck: This procedure involves removing fat and saggy skin and repairing the muscles that have become stretched out. An incision is created that spans from hipbone to hipbone, the underlying muscles tightened towards the midline, and the excess skin flap removed. This surgery results in flatter abdomen with improved body shape. Dr. Edween takes and the time to hide the incision line within the confines of your bikini bottom line, in addition to creating a natural appearing belly button.

Mini tummy tuck/Limited incision tummy tuck: A tummy tuck that focuses solely on the lower abdomen, below the belly button, designed for the patient with skin laxity and minimal muscle separation. The incision is smaller and shorter than a traditional tummy tuck, and the belly button remains intact and unaltered.

Extended tummy tuck: This procedure targets the excess folds and bulges on your hip and back area that need to be addressed. This is a variation on the traditional tummy tuck that extends farther towards the back to remove the excess folds of skin in the back and lower hip area.

The Candidate
A tummy tuck procedure can address:
Loose skin or flab on the abdomen that does not improve with diet and exercise
Stretched skin with stretch marks post pregnancy
Weak abdominal muscles
Bulging or protrusion in your abdomen
Lower abdomen "pooch"
Abdominal pannus (hanging abdominal skin)

The ideal candidate is one who is finished with having children, whose weight is stable and is committed to maintaining the results of the tummy tuck with regular diet and exercise.

What to expect
Surgery is performed as an outpatient, and does not require an overnight stay
An anesthesiologist will provide either a general or IV sedation anesthetic
Expect to have bruising and swelling in the area
Expect to have drainage collecting in the drainage tubes for about 7 days
It may be difficult to stand up straight for the first week, it is normal to walk with your back at an angle.
Recovery time is about 10-14 days, depending on the extent and type of procedure and physical activity required at your job.
Be sure to walk around move your legs every few hours to prevent blood clots from forming in your legs.
Avoid pushing, pulling, lifting, twisting or strenuous exercise until Dr. Edween has evaluated your recovery process.

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