Laser Hair Removal in Beverly Hills

Cutera ProWave

Just a few years ago, patches of unwanted hair were difficult to remove. Shaving is only a temporary solution, and waxing is painful. Now, laser hair removal is able to permanently remove patches of hair easily and with minimal discomfort.

Dr. Julie Edween uses the Cutera ProWave 770 hair removal system, a comfortable, convenient treatment for men and women of every skin tone. Contact our office today if you’re interested in permanent laser hair removal.

The key to permanent hair removal is deactivating the bulb, or root of the hair beneath the skin. Shaving doesn’t remove hair permanently because it simply chops off the top of the hair, leaving the bulb unaffected. Waxing plucks out the bulb, but the process is painful and each hair follicle must be yanked out one at a time.

Laser hair removal penetrates beneath the skin to deactivate the bulb directly. As your doctor runs the handpiece over the treatment area, pulses of light deactivate hair follicles, many at a time.

The Laser Hair Removal Procedure

It is necessary to come back for several laser hair removal sessions. This is because hair goes through three phases of growth, and laser hair removal must catch it at the correct stage. Each hair follicle grows independently of its neighbors and may be in different stages at different times. With each successive session, more hair follicles will be deactivated and your hair will grow thinner and finer until you reach the desired result.

Typically, patients require 6-8 treatments spaced 4-8 weeks apart. Between treatments, take care of the treatment area by avoiding heat and sun exposure. Do not wax between sessions, since the bulb of each hair follicle must be present for treatment to be effective. Laser hair removal targets the melanin in your hair, and so the lighter your hair color, the less effective the treatment. Black and brown hair respond best, while gray, white, and blonde hair do not respond well.

Dr. Julie Edween is excited to assist you with your aesthetic needs. Laser hair removal is effective on most areas of the body, and highly customizable for your ideal appearance. Contact our office to get the process started.