Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills

Natural Balance

Our different cultures give us unique individual features. Dr. Edween has patients travelling from across the globe for her expertise and has far-reaching knowledge of how standards of beauty differ between various cultures. Dr. Edween cares for a wide range of ethnicities, and understands the subtleties between ethnic noses. When working with the ethnic nose, She has refined techniques to embrace ones cultural ideas of beauty, while creating an ideal change with natural balance and symmetry.

Dr. Edween has worked with patients from all ethnic backgrounds and is highly skilled in ethnic Rhinoplasty surgery in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

“I didn’t want to change my ethnicity, I only wanted my nose to look less prominent. I love my nose, it fits my face, I made the right choice with Dr. Edween, she totally gets it!”

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Who is a candidate?

Anyone seeking a more symmetrical look to their nose or desiring more aesthetic natural balance of their ethnic features.

  • The crooked nose
  • The wide nose
  • Deviated nasal septum
  • Wide nose/nostrils
  • Bulbous tip
  • Droopy Tip
  • Flat nasal bridge
  • Revision nose
  • Widened alae (wide nostrils)

The consultation

It is important to also evaluate your other facial features, as the art of facial balancing allows your facial features to complement each other.
During your rhinoplasty consultation Dr. Edween will carefully review the anatomy of your nose, with the goal to devise a plan with you that gives you the desired results, and achieves natural balance for your face and profile. Dr. Edween uses your own cartilage as much as possible and preserves the natural support structure of your nose. The operation requires meticulous sculpting and reshaping with critical attention to the other facial structures for the most natural results. For instance, a recessed chin can also create the appearance of a nose that is too large. If necessary, Dr. Edween will recommend combining the rhinoplasty with other procedures such as a chin implant to achieve the best symmetry between all the facial features.

The procedure

A rhinoplasty surgery may approached as an either open or closed procedure.

Open Rhinoplasty: An incision is placed midline underneath the tip of the nose on the columella, which is the thin structure that lies between the nostrils. This incision allows the maximum visibility and access to the underlying nasal structures and is often the Dr. Edween’s incision of choice for structural changes.

Closed Rhinoplasty: Access is gained through an incision is placed internally, hidden within the nose, and is used depending on your anatomy and changes desired. The surgical view is more limited, but with experience one can obtain natural results with the ideal candidate.

What to expect

  • Surgery is performed as an outpatient, and does not require an overnight stay
  • An anesthesiologist will provide either a general or IV sedation anesthetic
  • You will sleep with your head elevated on a few pillows for the first week
  • Cold compresses may be used to reduce swelling and bruising for the first 24-48 hours
  • You will wake up with a splint on your nose and a gauze drip pad underneath your nostrils to catch any nasal drainage
  • Expect to have swelling, bruising under the eye and cheek region which mostly resolves in about 7-10 days.
  • Expect to feel stuffed up, and difficulty breathing through your swollen nose. You will be breathing through your mouth until the swelling goes down, expect to have dryness in your mouth
  • Do not blow your nose, if you have to sneeze open your mouth and sneeze through it
  • Do not use any straws
  • Do not allow heavy eyeglasses or sunglasses to rest on your nose until approved by Dr. Edween

It is important to understand that you will have swelling that may go up and down for the first year. Your nose will continue to change as the swelling resolves. In general, final results of a rhinoplasty may not be visualized until approximately one year.

Please feel free to contact the office of Dr. Julie Edween if you are interested in an ethnic Rhinoplasty consultation. Dr. Edween is dedicated to serve patients in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and greater Los Angeles, California. You can get started by calling us at (310) 859 8885 today.

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