Facial Plastic Surgeon Testimonials Beverly Hills


God answered my prayers when I met Dr. Julie Edween. She is a woman who has true understanding and deep insight of a woman’s desire to look the best she can for her age. Her years of experience as a skilled surgeon and her needs to satisfy her patient’s needs are a combination that is unbeatable!

She is a professional, reliable, responsible and well studied on all procedures she performs. She transformed my life. I am more attractive, confident and value my healthy lifestyle.

~ Forever grateful, NC


I believe that picking the right doctor is the most important element of having plastic surgery, and deciding to work with Dr. Edween was the best choice I could have made. She cares and recognizes that plastic surgery can be a life-changing experience, and created a real partnership with me as her patient. We worked together so she fully understood what I wanted, and I knew what to expect. I trust Dr. Edween explicitly and feel completely comfortable with her abilities and professionalism. absolutely wonderful, and made me feel at home and a terrific group of individuals who really care about the lives of their patients and the success of their surgeries.

~ Beauty Partner, KL


I had been a new union actor and most of my roles were playing scary guys, thugs, and villains because my face was typecast.  I was not sure what procedures were best for what I wanted to improve on my facial appearance.  I did not expect miracles. Dr. Edween made suggestions and has truly revived the new face in me under the surface rather than say a changed face. The facial changes she made expanded my range of characters I can play into softer roles.  Also, the staff at Dr. Edween’s office has always helped to make things comfortable, reduced my anxiety and nervousness. Their financing plans were also of great help, affordable and trusting.

~ Truly Happy in Hollywood, CA


When I decided to have plastic surgery I researched and checked out a few other doctors but none of them compared to Dr. Edween and her office.  First impression, the office itself is beautiful… very clean, neat, modern and classy.  It only got better from there.  From Dr. Edween herself and Valerie the financial coordinator– they were exceptional, extremely polite, positive, professional and knowledgeable.  All of my questions were answered and most importantly they made me feel comfortable and at ease.  My tummy tuck results came out phenomenal!!!  I am I so happy that I chose Dr. Edween to do my procedure. Her before and after surgery calls really touched me…she really cared about my well being.  I haven’t worn a bikini in five years and thanks to Dr. Edween I am a much happier and confident woman, wife and mother.

Bikini mom, La Jolla, CA


I have been a faithful patient of Dr. Edween’s since my late 20’s, starting with Botox! I never thought I would ever have any kind of surgery, but my nose need a little enhancement and I wanted a natural and prettier nose. she was able to give me exactly the nose I wanted, I love my dainty new nose and love taking photos now!  I was scared to do any kind of surgery in the beginning, but I really wanted this and most importantly I felt safe placing my life in her hands. I have never felt prettier all together! I am so thankful for all of the care she has provided me with during this life changing experience! Thanks Dr. Edween!!!!

~ Feeling pretty, Marina del Rey, CA