Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty

Consultations With Your Doctor

So you’ve decided to get a rhinoplasty. What steps will you and your doctor take to prepare for your procedure? Do you have a clear understanding of the procedure and are all your questions answered? A rhinoplasty is a complex surgery, so you should follow your doctor’s instructions closely to ensure that when you arrive on the date of your operation, everything is ready to go.

Over the course of one or several consultations, your doctor will gather important information to prepare for your rhinoplasty surgery.

First, they will ask for your medical history, including your general health, any preexisting conditions, what medications you take, and any problems with your nose in the past such as obstruction or trauma. You will undergo a physical exam, including any necessary blood tests. Your doctor will examine your nose carefully, since factors such as your skin thickness and the strength of your cartilage will determine how the surgery will proceed.

At this point, you will also determine your aesthetic goals for the procedure. Photographs will be taken of your nose from different angles, and these photos will be used for before-and-after assessments and reference during surgery.

How to Prepare for Rhinoplasty Surgery

The steps you need to take to prepare for a rhinoplasty are similar to the steps required for any other surgery. Rhinoplasties require general or local anesthesia, so you will be unable to drive yourself home afterwards. Arrange for someone to take you to and from the procedure and take care of you afterwards, since anesthesia may have persistent side effects such as grogginess and slowed reaction time.

For two weeks before and after surgery, you should only take medications prescribed by Dr. Edween. Do not take medications containing ibuprofen or aspirin, since these may increase bleeding. Smoking is also very harmful before and after surgery, since it slows the healing process and increases the odds of infection.

Follow these steps, and you’ll arrive on the day of your rhinoplasty surgery healthy and ready to go. Good preparation combined with careful post-surgery care will ensure the best possible results. If you’re interested in getting a rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills, Hollywood, or the Los Angeles area, contact the office of Dr. Julie Edween.