What to expect from a facelift

Many people choose to have a facelift to address some of the major signs of aging, such as jowl formation, mid-face descent, and excess skin and muscle banding on the neck. 

After an initial facelift, natural aging continues, which means that the “lifespan” of the procedure is about ten years—this can be a little more or a little less, depending on the patient’s skin type and lifestyle. 

Refreshing your results with a secondary procedure 

It’s common to have a follow-up, or secondary, facelift to refresh and refine the initial results and address any signs of aging that have reappeared. This includes moving the incision marks that were once concealed behind the ears or hairline but have become visible as the skin shifted over time. 


The procedure for a secondary facelift is much the same as it is for the first and requires a similar time frame of 3 to 5 hours. Skin is trimmed and repositioned to hide the scars, and the muscles and connective tissue are tightened and then stitched for a subtle and lasting enhancement. Recovery is often easier and faster after a secondary facelift, with less bruising and swelling. 

Achieving natural-looking results with a facelift

We’ve all seen examples of facelifts that look tight, pulled, fake, overworked, and unnatural. This is what happens when the doctor is overly aggressive with the procedure, stretches the skin too far, and doesn’t take the necessary care to properly position the hairline. 

The best-looking and most natural results come from a more conservative surgical approach from your plastic surgeon. The aim should be to refresh the face, not radically alter it, with a defined neck line and a re-positioning of the skin that reverses the effects that gravity has had over time. 

Choosing a surgeon to perform your facelift

While a successful outcome is largely in your doctor’s hands, what you as a patient can do to ensure you’re happy with your results is to do your due diligence when selecting a plastic surgeon to perform the procedure. You’ll want to choose a doctor who specializes in facelifts and who has a track record of good results and satisfied patients. 

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