Are you considering getting a nose job this summer?  Patients often consider the summer for surgery many reasons.  Summertime offers newly graduates some downtime before starting college or grad school.  It’s also offers others time off to have surgery and recover under the guise of a long vacation.   

However, is important to be fully aware of the recovery process and the responsibility and the things you will need to avoid while recovering from a nose job during the summertime.

What You Need to Avoid While Recovering from a Rhinoplasty in Summer

For a quick and successful healing process, here are a few tips we recommend while recovering from a rhinoplasty in the summertime. Let’s take a look!

The Sun: Most patients will want to enjoy the sun as much as possible in summer. Direct sunlight to the nose and incision area can run the risk of permanent discoloration on your nose during the healing process.  Too much sun exposure can also cause swelling and slow the healing process. You should stay out of the sun for at least six weeks after surgery. If you have to go outside, make sure you wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen.

Do Not Wear Sunglasses

The nosepiece of the sunglasses may apply too much weight, pinch the bridge of the nose, and leave compression marks on your nose skin causing interference with your nose healing correctly. You should also limit wearing your prescription glasses, for the same reason. 

Vigorous Exercise: Any strenuous activity or vigorous exercise will need to be avoided for the first 3-4 weeks after your surgery. During the healing process it is normal to experience swelling and sometimes nosebleeds due to the dry weather. However, vigorous exercise will often affect the swelling and increase bleeding in your nose and can slow recovery.

Swimming: Swimming is not allowed during the first few weeks after surgery and can have adverse effects, increasing the risk of infection.  It is important to avoid any bodies of water including pools and seawater within the first few weeks after surgery as it can cause a host of many damaging microorganisms. 

If you are currently considering getting a nose job in Beverly Hills and would like to book with a top cosmetic surgeon, now is the best time to do so. Despite the limitations you may see because of the summer season, it is often a great time to recover before you have to return to work or school.

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