Our faces show our lives, our story, and — perhaps most importantly — our age. And while we all know to expect wrinkles, furrows, and creases, some of us may find ourselves struggling to recognize precisely what looks different in the mirror.

If you have any of these concerns, facial fillers may be exactly what you need to reinvigorate your look.

While facial fillers are often overlooked in lieu of other, more invasive procedures, they directly address wrinkling and creasing. As we get older, our face naturally loses volume. Fat deposits and skin elasticity begin to degrade, resulting in the look that we’ve come to associate with age.

The goal of facial fillers is to restore this lost sense of volume and depth to your face. We achieve this by injecting a compound into your face that reduces the presence of wrinkles and other unsightly blemishes.

There are a large variety of materials used for facial fillers. From biosynthetic polymers to animal collagen to your own fat, there are an array of options available to those looking to perk themselves up.

Injecting facial fillers is a quick process that can often be done in minutes at our office. Fillers are also temporary, as they are meant to be naturally absorbed into your body after a certain length of time. This presents a less extreme option relative to other procedures.

Maybe you’re looking to regain that effervescent youthful look. Or perhaps you’re simply looking to accentuate your cheeks, lips, or chin. But regardless, if volume is your problem, facial fillers can be the answer.

For more information on the treatments we have available, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Edween today.