Facial implants, namely chin and cheek implants, are popular ways to surgically improve the definition of your face. While many people instantly think of the breasts or buttocks when they hear the word implants, these work in essentially the same way. They use similar injection procedures, and the end result is that the patient has a more voluminous and defined region of their face, depending on where they get the implants. 

How do chin and cheek implants work?

Many people that want to enhance the way their face looks turn to chin and cheek implants, as they can help to fill out specific parts of the face and add more definition. The implants go over the natural components of the chin or cheeks, and they essentially improve the contours of the face in a natural looking way. Rather than simply making things larger, chin and cheek implants are instead used to shape the face in the desired way, leaving the patient with the defined face that they have always wanted.

Who might want chin or cheek implants?

Having excessively rounded chin or cheek features can make some people feel like they look almost like a child, and so adding more definition can make them look naturally older, without the traditional features of age like wrinkles. These implants can also be used to add more definition on the jawline, which is a desirable feature for both men and women that just want to look a bit more chiseled in the face. 

Usually, the reason patients choose to get chin and cheek implants is to improve the way they look, in order to improve their self-confidence. Thus, it can be the ideal solution for those uncomfortable in the way their face looks, but they need to understand the realistic expectations they should have of the surgery. Thus, a sound state of mind is essential before undertaking any surgery of this kind. 

As long as patients seek the help of a professional facial plastic surgeon, the results of chin and cheek implants can look very natural.