Migraines are a painful part of life for more than one billion people worldwide. In addition to the throbbing headache that can last for hours or days, they can also cause other unpleasant and debilitating symptoms, such as nausea and distorted vision. They can even have an impact on mental and emotional health. 

Some of the common treatments that people reach for to treat the symptoms of migraines include general, over-the-counter pain medicines such as ibuprofen and aspirin or doctor-prescribed narcotics. All of these treatments come with the risk of unwanted side effects and are aimed at providing relief from the symptoms of migraines rather than preventing them. 

However, there are treatments that target the source of the pain, and you may be surprised to learn what they are: Botox and cosmetic surgery. 

How do Botox and cosmetic surgery treat migraines?

The potential of Botox and plastic surgery as treatments for migraines was noted when patients who had undergone cosmetic brow-lift procedures reported experiencing lasting relief from migraines as an unintended effect of the procedure. Further research confirmed these initial observations. 

The relief from migraines is attributed to the release of the supraorbital nerve that is commonly performed during brow lifts. The effects can last for years following the surgery, with no need for ongoing maintenance, although they do diminish over time as part of the normal aging process. 

Botox injections also provide relief from migraines. It’s important to note that the effects are temporary and injections are recommended every three to four months to produce optimal results. 

Is cosmetic surgery a good option to treat my migraines?

Many people have opted for cosmetic surgery as a way to treat their migraines and reclaim their lives. Studies confirm that this treatment approach is anywhere from 70% to over 90% effective. 

The first step to deciding if cosmetic surgery is appropriate in your case is to consult with a healthcare professional. 

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